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Action! July 2018

Digital or Paper?

Action! May 2018

The Inspired Tool!

Action! March 2018

Find Seekers. Share Jesus.

Action! January 2018

Unpacking Your WBS Toolbox

Action! November 2017

Relationships: Part 2

Action! September 2017


Action! July 2017


Action! May 2017


Action! March 2017


Action! January 2017

2017: Beginning with a Bang!

Action! November 2016

More than Ever!

Action! September 2016

Free Indeed

Action! July 2016

U.S.A. Crossroads of the World

Action! May 2016

Sharing Jesus

Action! March 2016

My Heart's Desire

Action! January 2016

Connect US

Action! November 2015

Thanks. Giving.

Action! September 2015

Connect with Seekers

Action! July 2015

What Is God’s Top Priority for Planet Earth?

Action! May 2015

346 Prisoners Set Free

Action! March 2015

Good News for the Poor

Action! January 2015

Share Jesus through Follow up

Action! July 2014

The YOU in "You. Sharing Jesus."

Action! May 2014

The New WBS

Action! March 2014

You. Sharing Jesus.

Action! January 2014

Imaginative Initiatives

Action! November 2013

The Key To Success?

Action! September 2013

I was in Prison

Action! July 2013

Tides of Time

Action! May 2013

Honoring Heroes

Action! March 2013


Action! January 2013


Action! November 2012

The Key To Success?

Action! September 2012


Action! July 2012


Action! May 2012

Lift Up Your Eyes!

Action! March 2012

Free Indeed!

Action! January 2012

Whats New?

Action! November 2011

The Joy of Harvest

Action! September 2011

Team at Work

Action! July 2011


Action! May 2011

Fruit = Souls!

Action! March 2011


Action! January 2011

Core Solutions

Action! May 2010


Action! January 2010

Good or Bad News

Action! November 2009

The Season for Joy

Action! July 2009

Priority. Whats Yours?

Action! May 2009

The Dream of myWBS: Being Connected

Action! March 2009

Yahoo to Yahweh

Action! January 2009

Mission and Vision

Action! November 2008

Faith not Fear

Action! September 2008

Eagar for Good deeds

Action! January 2008

Open Doors

Action! November 2007

Can God Save this Serial Killer?

Action! September 2007

Freedom I

Action! March 2007

Youth Reach: Reaching High Schools with the Gospel

Action! July 2006


Action! January 2006

Thanks a Million!

Action! January 2007

Publicize WBS!